Brown Rice & Quinoa With A Hint Of Garlic

With it's wonderful aroma and slightly nutty flavour, this wholesome blend of Brown Rice & Quinoa with a hint of Garlic is a great addition to any meal. Perfect in 90 seconds.


Steamed Brown Rice* 82%, Steamed Quinoa* 15%, Sunflower Oil*, Vegetable Bouillon Powder (Sea Salt, Rice Flour*, Glucose Syrup*, Yeast Extract*, Carrot*, Sunflower Oil*, Onion*, Celery*, Spices*, Parsnip*, Roasted Onion*, Herbs*), Garlic Powder* 0.5%, Onion Powder*, Salt, Vegetable Gum (Xanthan), Pepper*. *Certified Organic.

Country of Origin:

Made in the United Kingdom from ingredients of multiple origins

Cooking Instruction:

Using a microwave

  1. Squeeze pouch to separate the rice
  2. Tear a 2 cm opening to vent
  3. Heat for 90 secs at 1000 W*
  4. *For different powered microwaves, adjust heating time to manufacturer's instructions

Using a pan

  1. Boil 30 mL of water
  2. Add contents of pouch and stir
  3. Cover and simmer for 3 mins