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At Seeds of Change, we source premium, organic ingredients from regions all over the world to ensure we deliver delicious, high quality ingredients in all of our products.

Our rice & grains have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives & are gently steamed to retain their natural delicious flavour. Packed full of antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minterals, these rice and grain pouches are a convenient way to add nourishing, organic ingredients to your diet. Use as a delicious wholesome base to your stirfrys or get creative with brown rice pliau stuffed field mushrooms.
For more quick and delicious ways to enjoy Seeds of Change Rice and Grain products get insprired by our . recipe page.

Brown & Red Rice with Quinoa & Linseed

This carefully crafted blend of organic Brown & Red Rice and good-for-you Quinoa & Linseed provide the perfect meal base or side to your favourite nourishing recipes. Prepare this versatile addition in 90 seconds.


Steamed Brown Rice* 81%, Steamed Red Rice* 7%, Steamed Quinoa* 5%, Steamed Linseed* 4%, Sunflower Oil*, Vegetable Bouillon Powder (Sea Salt, Rice Flour*, Glucose Syrup*, Yeast Extract*, Carrot*, Sunflower Oil*, Onion*, Celery*, Spices*, Parsnip*, Roasted Onion*, Herbs*), Salt, Vegetable Gum (Xanthan), Onion Powder*, Ginger*. *Certified Organic.

Country of Origin:

Made in the United Kingdom from ingredients of multiple origins

Cooking Instruction:

Using a microwave

  1. Squeeze pouch to separate the rice
  2. Tear a 2 cm opening to vent
  3. Heat for 90 secs at 1000 W*
  4. *For different powered microwaves, adjust heating time to manufacturer's instructions

Using a pan

  1. Boil 30 mL of water
  2. Add contents of pouch and stir
  3. Cover and simmer for 3 mins

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